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As an Artist, Julz is drawn to the painterly tradition, focusing on the process of physically painting and where it takes her work. She is energetic and frantic as she works, the finished texture reveals this with her thickly applied paint. 
This process however is not only limited to mixing or pushing and the final application of the paint but the ‘bigger' whole practice of being ‘Plein air’. For Julz walking into or boating towards the destination all becomes part of the process. Her pre-sketches, drawings chosen subject, living it, breathing it and experiencing it in all weather. Julz's current work is based on the Hawkesbury River and Sydney Coast line where she gathers memories and information then returns to her studio to apply these experiences to the canvas. 

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Julz Beresford


Julz’s intent is for the audience to feel engaged with the energy of the landscape. Her works are both an expressive piece of the whole process, and an embodiment of how it actually feels to be there. 

Her paintings have a sense of intense energy. She paints ‘Alla prima’ with a vigorous and spirited application. 

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Exhibitions and Qualifications


JANUARY- Solo Show Michael Reid Sydney Chippendale- SELL OUT SHOW

MARCH- Solo Show Michael Reid Southern Highlands- SELL OUT SHOW


AUGUST-Solo Show Otomys Melbourne

MAY- Solo Show Michael Reid's Northern Beaches Gallery SELL OUT SHOW

MARCH- Country Style group show Michael Reid's Gallery Murrundi SELL OUT SHOW

MARCH-Mini Release Michael Reid's Southern Highlands Gallery SELL OUT SHOW


MARCH- 2nd-12th SOLO Show Michael Reid's Northern Beaches Gallery SELL OUT SHOW

NOVEMBER-SOLO Show Michael Reid's Southern Highlands SELL OUT SHOW

MARCH- Pittwater Artist Trail 27th + 28th Local Artist Group Show

June -Michael Reid  Northern Beaches Gallery Group Show 16th- 23rd June

July- Michael Reid Northern Beaches Gallery Group show 15th-24th

July- Pittwater Artists Trail 24th + 25th July 

September- Michael Reid Northern Beaches 27th September Group Show

November- Pittwater Artist Trail 6th + 7th CANCELLED but Catalogue available

November- Michael Reid Northern Beaches Gallery Birthday Group Show


Mosman Gallery 2088 Group Finalist

JUNE - Michael Reid Sydney Gallery "Studio Direct" Group Show Landscape

SEPTEMBER 15th-20th  Michael Reid Gallery Group show "Country meets City"

OCTOBER - POP UP show "Bondi Wash" stores Paddington and Bondi

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER- 18th NOV Michael Reid  Berlin Group Pop up Show

DECEMBER - Michael Reid Studio Direct Newport Group Show


Dignity Group Show December
Quays Marina November -Jan 2020
Hamptons House Solo Show Nov-Jan


Finalist National Emerging Art Prize ( 2021)
Finalist Lethbridge Landscape ( 2021)
Finalist Mosman 2088 (2020)
Finalist Mosman 2088 ( 2019)
Finalist Hornsby Art Prize ( 2019)
Finalist Northern Beaches Art Show ( 2019)



Bachelor of Fine Arts from University NSW College of Fine arts





July- Group show Michael Reid Northern Beaches Gallery

November- Michael Reid  SOLO SHOW


Julz Beresford

Please get in touch for my art or media enquiries.

julzberesford_artist (on instagram)

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